The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
— Pablo Picasso

Shelley has always loved art, earning a BFA in Fine Arts specializing in Graphic Design, where she had great success with clients designing logos and personal business items. Also passionate about Art History such as ancient art, cultures, artifacts and Baroque art, she has visited Greece, Egypt, Turkey, Scandinavia, Denmark, England, Scotland, France and Mexico to behold this art in person. Some of her work is inspired by visiting these historic places, such as her Grecian/amphora-like pottery. 

Shelley spent six years in Santa Fe (the Nation's third largest art market) selling all styles of work from artists all over the world including contemporary, abstract, traditional, Native American and pop-art to name a few. This energized her enchantment of bold, striking works of art and is a colorful basis for what she is attracted to creating in her own works of art. 

Shelley is offering pet portrait commissions. Prices depend on size of canvas and number of animals. Cost for a 12x12 would be approximately $550 for one pet. Payment plans available. Please contact her for more information.  

The artworks stem from the thought and belief that what we create must have beauty and harmony from within ourselves, from above, below, in front, behind and from our core.
— Melanie Yazzie, Navajo Artist